Cold Storage

A cold storage unit incorporates a refrigeration system that maintains the desired room environment for the commodities to be stored. We are very adept in offering a wide range of Modern Cold Rooms and Commercial Cold Storage. The Cold Rooms that we provide are widely are fully computerized and with modern technology intended to preserve the freshness in food use of for meeting the storage as well as cooling needs arising in the food processing enterprises. We procure our complete range that is crafted at par with global quality standards.

All cool room refrigeration systems have five main components:

  1. The compressor, which compresses the refrigerant gas
  2. The condenser, in which the hot gas is cooled to a liquid
  3. An expansion valve, which controls flow of the liquefied gas and where liquid gas expands to vapour.
  4. Evaporator coils, where the liquid gas expands and boils. This process absorbs energy, cooling the coils
  5. Fan or fans, to circulate air over the cold evaporator coils, thereby cooling the cool room. Air may also be circulated over pipes containing some type of liquid antifreeze, which have themselves been cooled using the evaporator. Fans also circulate air around the cool room to ensure even distribution of the cold air and reduce temperature variations within the room.