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Alfa Chill water chiller manufacturers in Pune different types of chillers such as air, water, evaporative, screw, condensed chillers etc. with latest designs to meet the clients’ specific requirements. The main principle is that the interior temperature is kept lower than the temperature outside.We water chiller manufacturers in Pune provide the premium quality products having energy saving and steady thermal environment features making them ideally used by our clients.


A water chiller is a specific device for lowering the temperature of the desired amount of water. They offer the continuous coolant flow towards the cold side of the water processing system. This coolant is then processed for pumping out. It is used to cool and dehumidify water for commercial and industrial purposes.

It is used in commercial and industrial settings where large quantities of water need to be cooled for efficiency and safety purposes.The most common type of water chiller is a refrigeration type. It has a compressor and condenser unit that cools down water to a desired temperature and stores it in a tankAnother type of chiller is an evaporative chiller that uses an evaporative cooling process to cool down water to desired temperature.

A water chiller is an important piece of equipment for industries such as food processing plants, paper mills, and others. It helps in the process of cooling the water that is used in these industries.It also helps in removing any impurities from the water such as minerals or salts which may have been added during the manufacturing process.The water chiller manufacturers in Pune mainly used component is evaporation condenser compression valve mainly changing the state from liquid to gas is evaporation and gas to liquid is condensation the mainly process of changing is done and the water chiller gives you higher efficiency Water chiller manufacturers in Pune are generally used for cooling the machines and other related products. They are the kind of closed loop system that uses refrigerant for facilitating the exchange of heat from the water present in it.




  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
  • Lasers Cutting
  • Food and Beverages
  • Tool and Die cutting
  • Injection Molding
  • Semiconductors
  • Commercial Printing
  • Composite Manufacturing
  • Machine Tools, etc.


  • Higher Efficiency
  • Sustains Cool Temperature
  • Increased Performance GPUs
  • Adaptable For Warmer Climate
  • Improves Overclocking Potential
  • Ease Of Installation