Water Cooled Chiller

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We at ALFACHILL TECHNOLOGY PVT.LTD are leading manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of water cooled chillers in Pune, Maharashtra. A water cooled chiller is a type of air conditioning system that uses water as the cooling medium. It is an environmentally friendly and more sustainable option for cooling. A water cooled chiller manufacturers in pune is more efficient than a traditional air conditioner because it can be used in different climates and it doesn’t need to be turned off when the temperature rises outside.There are a few disadvantages of using a water cooled chiller, such as the need for maintenance, higher cost, and risk of freezing during winter months.

What will choose a water cooled chiller manufacturer in Pune?

The chiller is the heart of the refrigeration system. It is a device for converting heat into cold. The cooling process can be done by air, water, or any other media.

The water cooled chiller manufacturer in Pune is a type of chiller that uses water as its cooling medium. It has several advantages over other types such as air-cooled and oil-cooled chillers.

They are the most energy-efficient chillers in the market. It takes less energy than air cooled or refrigeration chillers to produce the same amount of cooling.

What is the Purpose of a water cooled chiller?

The main purpose of a water cooled chiller manufacturer in Pune is to regulate the temperature of the air entering into a central cooling unit, or ˜the condenser.

What are water cooled chillers used for?

A water cooled chiller manufacturer in Pune is an air conditioner that uses water to cool the surrounding air. This technology is used in many industries for various purposes. Construction companies use it to protect workers from the heat of summer, while warehouses are using them to keep products cold during transport.


A water cooled chiller manufacturer in Pune is a device that cools down the air by using a refrigeration cycle. It is also called an air-cooled chiller.It can be used in different industries, such as heavy manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and chemical manufacturing to name a few. The use of water-cooled chillers is usually more effective than air-cooled chillers because it has the capability to cool the air at higher rates.


It is a type ofair cooled chiller which uses water as the cooling agent. This type of cooler is more efficient and can be used in applications where air cooling is not possible. The water-cooled chiller has many advantages over the air cooled one. The main advantage of this type of chiller is that it can produce cold water that can be used to cool the refrigerant and then reuse it. This means that there will be no need for an additional source of cold water which will save money on installation costs and maintenance costs in the future.The other benefit of this type of cooler is its efficiency, which also saves money on electricity bills in the long term.


The benefits of water-cooled chillers manufacturers in Pune are that they have a high efficiency rating, which means you will have to use less energy to cool your office or building. They also have a higher capacity which means that you can cool larger spaces with them.

They are the most efficient type of air conditioning system. They are more energy-efficient than traditional air conditioning systems because they use water for cooling instead of refrigerant.